The Reaffirmation Ceremony (Kan-Kai-Shiki)

Reaffirmation (Kan-Kai-Shiki) is conferred upon believers when they return to Nichiren Shoshu and register with the Hokkeko of their local temple. Since January 1, 1996, it has been administered to all believers who officially return, including those who had practiced on their own, those who had stopped practicing, and former SGI members who are rejoining Nichiren Shoshu.It is only conferred upon believers who have already received the Gojukai Ceremony.

The format and content of the Reaffirmation Ceremony is similar to Gojukai, but the significance is different. Gojukai is the ceremony to accept the Precept of Nichiren Shoshu, and is conferred only once in a person’s lifetime. Reaffirmation is the ceremony in which one reaffirms the vows originally made during Gojukai. It signifies the believer’s strong determination to make a fresh start on the journey of faith. It also signifies the believer’s promise to correct any past mistakes in practice and to continue faith throughout his or her lifetime.

Reaffirmation is often conferred during a regularly scheduled Gojukai Ceremony.The Chief Priest may also administer Reaffirmation at other ceremonies or by appointment.During the Ceremony, the Priest touches the head of the reaffirming believer with the special Joju Gohonzon.

The Reaffirmation Ceremony is a time for the returning believer to solemnly remember the importance of the vows originally taken during Gojukai.
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