Practicing Shodai (Chanting Daimoku) at times other than Morning and Evening Gongyo

The traditional Nichiren Shoshu procedure for chanting Daimoku apart from morning or evening Gongyo is as follows:

1.Chant Daimoku Sansho, ring the bell seven times, and recite the Hoben-pon (Part “A”).Ring the bell three times and recite the title of the Juryo-hon, and the Jigage (Part “C”).
2.At the end of Part “C” start chanting Daimoku (Shodai).Ring the bell seven times as you begin to chant Daimoku.
3.Chant as much Daimoku as you wish, then finish by striking the bell five times as you chant the final Daimoku.
4.Chant Daimoku Sansho and silently read the Second Silent Prayer.Chant Daimoku Sansho and silently read the Third Silent Prayer chanting the Daimoku Sansho when appropriate in between the sections of the Third Silent Prayer.Chant Daimoku Sansho again and silently read the second part of the Fourth Silent Prayer.Chant Daimoku Sansho and silently read the second part of the Fifth Silent Prayer.
5.Ring the bell three times and chant Daimoku Sansho.

Fifty-ninth High Priest, Nichiko Shonin stated the following on the practice of Shodai:

The Daimoku that we chant must be performed attentively and diligently.When chanting, we should not have trivial thoughts in our minds.The speed should not be too fast and our pronunciation should not be slurred.We must maintain a medium pitch and chant calmly, resolutely and steadily.There is no established number of Daimoku that we must chant.The amount depends on individual circumstances . . . When we chant, our entire body should feel a tremendous surge of joy.We must persevere until we become totally one with the Gohonzon.”
(Nichiren Shoshu Koyo, p.134)

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