Why do Shakubuku?

Have you read the papers lately? Listened to the latest news or been subjected to irate drivers on the road? It seems that we are headed more and more towards a violent society because people just don't know how to live peacefully. Is it karma or is it that the time is right for us to develop compassion in our practice and share the great benefits of this Gohonzon with others?

What if everyone who practices this True Buddhism shared this practice with one other person? What if we were working together to attain the goals of Myohoji Temple and the High Priest Nikken Shonin to shakubuku one person each year?If only 120 people did this next year there would be 240 people. If we continued doubling by each person doing one shakubuku each year, by the year 2010 we would have 245,760 members at Myohoji. Isn't it amazing what one shakubuku each year can accomplish? Not to mention the great benefit from watching someone change their life. How about the wonderful experience and change you undergo from working towards the great objective of Kosen‑rufu?

We tend to think that our small contributions don't mean much, but as you can see, one by one we can change the world. High Priest Nikken Shonin says the way to accomplish shakubuku is to develop a compassionate mind through our own practice of daily Gongyo and Daimoku. Let's work together in 1999 to help our friends and family understand the great joy of chanting, Nam‑Myoho‑Renge‑Kyo.

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