Children's Group

The Children of Myohoji Temple are our future leaders. The children learn Gongyo each Sunday, and they receive lectures from the assistant priest at the time of each Oko Lecture held the second Sunday of the month. They meet in the Reception Hall. The atmosphere is fun and enjoyable. All children up to the age of 11 and their parents are invited!

We meet the second Sunday of each month concurrently with the Oko Ceremony.

For additional information, please see our Children's Group Coordinators, Ashley Kraus or Megumi Clausen.

For Parents, here’s a lecture about the importance of passing down the faith of True Buddhism to your children:

The Importance of Hotto Sozoku

Hotto Sozoku, “Passing Down the Faith to One’s Progeny,” is one of the most important practices, along with shakubuku, which we must carry out in our daily lives in order to successfully propagate the True Law of Nichiren Daishonin. It is also called “Passing Down the Torch of the Law,” comparing faith to a torch which is kept burning.[1] .... Read more..

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